Do this unto your own Destruction….

Paul’s epistles are hard to understand. And that those who try to
understand them, as with the other scriptures, do so “unto their own
destruction.” 3:16


Peter II Chapter 3 verses 15 to 17

15 — And account [that] the
longsuffering of our Lord [is]
salvation; even as our beloved
brother Paul also according to
the wisdom given unto him
hath written unto you;

16 — As also in all [his] epistles,
speaking in them of these
things; in which are some
things hard to be understood,
which they that are unlearned
and unstable wrest, as [they
do] also the other scriptures,
unto their own destruction.

17 — Ye therefore, beloved,
seeing ye know [these things]
before, beware lest ye also,
being led away with the error
of the wicked, fall from your
own stedfastness.

So, if you attempt to understand that which any innocent child is supposed to be able to understand,  just as it was stated of Paul, then you do so with the ramification of your own destruction. By reading the very thing that is to teach you of God’s love you may be lead astray and you may be lead afowl. You do so of your own means and your own destruction. Dont read the bible, specially the Epistles of Peter.




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