The Vineyard, part 1 — An ongoing analysis into a cult

I had  discovered in my analysis of this church,  there was a reason for the laid back preaching style in the Vineyard: The Vineyard was very laid-back about what it believed. The Vineyard was very wishy-washy about what it believed and a rather laxy approach to the truth. There was lots of warm and fuzzy preaching on God’s love, personal fulfillment, setting and reaching goals, and dreaming big dreams for life.  This became very apparently to me as though I were sitting in front an infomercial about setting my life’s goals than actually talking about God.   The Vineyard certainly proactive in its approach to church growth. At the time it was all about community outreach, much more than getting the “word” out to others.  These things are not wrong in themselves, problem being of course was the consistent use of these activities, and the non involvement of any Biblical teaching with it . We put a lot of thought into how to reach the community, but little consideration into the content of the message we were reaching them with. The Vineyard also took a an open approach to truth: whatever worked was OK. What Bible teaching there was usually came in the form of “keys” or “steps” to reaching some personal or group goal, such as realizing your full potential. And by so putting your faith into God and Christ in your life, things were just supposed to mystically happen for you. In many cases during my stay there I saw people who were in the dregs of their lives, yet like Lemmings they just say there taking the church leaders words as true. But pushing the Signs and Wonders idea as they called it, things were just supposed to materialize. In many cases this kind of teaching caused more harm than good. I saw a man who lost his job, his family, and his well being, only to be told that hard work in the Belief of Christ would save him (By those of the Vineyard Church directly). To my knowledge hes homeless now, his family has left him, and he is Godless.


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