Vineyard and the Living Dead….

Even before the ‘Blessing’ hit the Toronto Airport Vineyard in 1994 we were seeing bizarre manifestations in the Vineyard. In the early 90’s, just before 1994 when the ‘laughing revival’ broke out, there was a Vineyard conference in Kitchener that I still think of as “the night of the living dead”. In this conference, when the altar call was given, a large crowd lurched to the front, probably half the auditorium, and started dancing, twisting, gyrating, and hopping at the front as a “blessing” was prayed over them. Vast numbers of people lurched, crawled, staggered and limped around like a mass of grotesque horror flick zombie’s. The room was filled with all manner of freakish, bizarre and even obscene behavior. One girl was on her back in front of the stage, making orgasmic, thrashing and gyrating motions that could only be described as sexual activity.


The Vineyard leaders accepted all this as the moving of the Spirit. The prevailing attitude of the leadership and members was that this was God moving. According to standard Vineyard thinking, the Holy Spirit can do a deep inner work without the mind being informed or knowing what is going on, or without any further knowledge of truth. It was generally acknowledged that some of the bizarre behavior may be demonic in origin, but most of it was the work of the Holy Spirit or the human response to the power of the Holy Spirit at work within. It was believed that the Spirit often worked best and deepest if it could bypass the intellect, and there was no need for the mind to be informed. So we weren’t too concerned because we believed that God was doing a deeper work in them and we simply prayed that God would bless them even more.


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  1. mijadedios says:

    Whenever I read accounts of being “slain” in the Holy Spirit where people have no control over their body it makes me sick and annoyed. First of all, there is no precedent in scripture of this. No where do you find the Prophets behaving this way when they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Often times you might read of someone falling to their face or on the floor prostrate. This was out of fear and awe for seeing an Angel, a real messenger of God, and what usually happened was that Angel would command the person to “get up” and be not afraid. Even when Isaiah could not speak, his mouth was touched to allow speech. So there is no way that people behaving like this has anything to do with a work of the Holy Spirit. It seems so simple to me but I’m not a complicated person I guess. Lusting after signs and wonders has been replaced by a Gnostic search by Christians for signs of the End Days. It’s all over the internet and in “Prophecy Conferences” every weekend at churches all across America. Now, I’m guilty for having fallen for that shtick but I’m recovering. Thanks for this post. It sheds light on an era that I was not privy to.

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