Deny Common Sense…..

Colossians Chapter 2 verses 3 to 8

3 In whom are hid all the
treasures of wisdom and

4 And this I say, lest any man
should beguile you with
enticing words.

5 For though I be absent in the
flesh, yet am I with you in the
spirit, joying and beholding
your order, and the
stedfastness of your faith in

6 As ye have therefore
received Christ Jesus the Lord,
[so] walk ye in him:

7 Rooted and built up in him,
and stablished in the faith, as
ye have been taught,
abounding therein with

8 Beware lest any man spoil
you through philosophy and
vain deceit, after the tradition
of men, after the rudiments of
the world, and not after Christ.

Strength comes from the unity of faith. Yet this passages describes an insecurity deep within the church itself. The church does not want you to be swayed by concepts of reason (philosophy). And if you are confronted with such, either malicious or not, be steadfast and strong in your belief to deny a person the right to express it to you. Basically…keep your mind closed tight and keep anyone who would tell you otherwise, either through common sense or deceit, out. So basically everyone, Deny common sense and reason.



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