Vineyard Cult — A perspective

This post was in response to a post on a forum elsewhere about the suggestion of the Vineyard church.
“Not my thing, really. Far too happy-clappy and hysterical, lots of really weird stuff. I can’t cope with all the bizarre handraising and babbling gibberish. That’s NOT what the gift of speaking in tongues is about.

First time I went, near the end they called people out of the congregation, seemingly at random, because the guy at the front “sensed” that these people needed prayer. I hid. I didn’t want a crowd of babbling fantatics telling me what my problems were supposed to be.

Second time they called in all the kids, including mine, and had these groups of people pray over them. My little ones were totally terrified and wierded out.

I discovered later that even though they preach lots of good stuff, like tithing and helping the homeless, an old school friend of mine who goes to that church is living with her boyfriend, and they have a kid. And the church is still letting her attend and sit there like a hypocrite. Obviously they don;t practise what they preach.

HOWEVER they did serve doughnuts between the “worship” (which, it turns out, means singing the same trite words to a really dull tune over and over again) and the sermon. That I liked. My soul can be bought with doughnuts.”




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