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Thats one Kinky Lot…..

Genesis Chapter 19 Versus 30 to 30. Lot’s daughters have sexual intercourse with him while he is drunk and both become pregnant by their father. Advertisements

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Daniel Goulet, Your an idiot.

So poor Daniel, on his twitter account (seen better here as he tweeted it to one of the vineyard church twitter accounts (!/vineyardchurch) , on Jun 12 — About halfway down), Tweeted this —

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Fear God…

DT 6:5, MT 22:37, MK 12:30, LK 10:27 Love God. DT 6:13, PS 33:8, 34:9, 111:10, 115:13, 128:1, 147:11, PR 8:13, 16:6, 19:23, 22:4, IS 8:13, LK 12:5, 1PE 2:17 Fear God.  

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Ted Haggard Swaps His Wife for another.

Ted Haggard is filming an episode of ABC’sCelebrity Wife Swap this week — with Gary Busey.

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The Daily Life of Christian Warriors…..

Dogemporer also has an excellent overview of Joel’s Army theology. This movement is also called “The New Apostolic Reformation” (NAR). There are a lot of links in the article, I recommend it highly. You can get lost in all of … Continue reading

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For 9/11 Victims, Jesus gives no peace…

Luke Chapter 13, Verses 1 to 5. In a discussion about Galileans, Jesus states clearly nothing to the reason why God would let such a thing happen. All Jesus states is whether they were sinners or not. And even in … Continue reading

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The Vineyard will Deliver You…..

In 1995 the Vineyard Church in Kelowna, BC was really “rocking”. We attended a huge conference at that time and observed everything the manifestations movement had to offer: Shaking, quaking, stuck to the floor, animal noises, cock-a-doodle-doing, roaring, loud praying, … Continue reading

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