Daniel Goulet, Your an idiot.

So poor Daniel, on his twitter account (seen better here as he tweeted it to one of the vineyard church twitter accounts (http://twitter.com/#!/vineyardchurch) , on Jun 12 — About halfway down), Tweeted this —

Today we celebrate Pentecost, where Jesus poured out His Holy Spirit (Acts 2). Thank you Jesus for making this kingdom life possible!

Uh, yeah. Ok, really. Do you even read that book you call a bible Daniel, really?

Last I read, and I think Ive read it a few more times than you have, you insolent dolt, Pentecost was the celebration of harvest (Festival of weeks or something in the Judaic tradition), specifically when MOSES, came down from MT SINAI, with those things called (now listen VERY carefully Daniel), the 10 commandments. On stone tablets no less. I know this is really weird for you to hear Daniel, but that has absolutely ZERO to do with Christ.

Ok, here endeth the lesson.


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