Tweets that might scare you…

A few tweets from one or two of the official Vineyard Cult twitter accounts. Listen now for God’s word to speak to you. Really.

Tweet: A worship leader is more than just leading people into God’s presence thru song; it’s leading people into His presence wherever we are.

TLLF: Why do I need to be lead. The bible is so simple a young child can understand it. God is all around us and with us anywhere we go. If anyone is going to lead me, its God, not some stupid, idiotic minister that has no idea whats going on.


Tweet: Holy Spirit Night tonight!!! 6pm! Bring those that want and need healing! Jesus is so good!

TLLF: Hey, Vineyard, you dumbfucks, Im in constant pain and my condition will never get better by any concept of medical science. Can you Help me? Thought not. Faith Healing is a joke. Id have a better chance getting healed by converting to Scientology.




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Simple man about a simple life.
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