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Vineyard and the Living Dead….

Even before the ‘Blessing’ hit the Toronto Airport Vineyard in 1994 we were seeing bizarre manifestations in the Vineyard. In the early 90’s, just before 1994 when the ‘laughing revival’ broke out, there was a Vineyard conference in Kitchener that … Continue reading

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Voice from a Vineyard Cultist to me…..

“I want you to know I enjoyed spending time with you today, friend. I want to be with you more and talk to you about Conservative Christian values and how the Lord will bless you as long as you continue … Continue reading

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Vineyard Church — A cult by comment…

Another comment out on the internets that suggests, “I have 2 relatives, who were members of the Vineyard Church. This church is a cult – plain and simple. Their doctrines are founded in the oppression of LEGALISM, producing both, guilt … Continue reading

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The Vineyard, part 1 — An ongoing analysis into a cult

I had  discovered in my analysis of this church,  there was a reason for the laid back preaching style in the Vineyard: The Vineyard was very laid-back about what it believed. The Vineyard was very wishy-washy about what it believed … Continue reading

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