Paul Cain

Paul Cain — A gay heretic to the Vineyard cult

Paul Cain (born 1929) is a Pentecostal Christian minister involved with both neo-charismatic churches and the Charismatic Movement. As a young man he was one of the Voice of Healing revivalists of the 50s. Cain currently resides in California and ministers monthly at a local church in Santa Maria-California.

Paul Cain was born in 1929 in Garland, Texas. His mother Anna had been seriously ill with cancer, tuberculosis, and other difficulties, and was not expected to live. Her case was so severe that she was the subject of special medical attention. To the astonishment of doctors both Cain and his mother survived the birth; his mother was subsequently healed. Cain attributes this to an angelic visitation his mother had at that time, and to the fervent prayers of his family. It was during this visitation that Cain was given the name “Paul” and his mother became sure of his calling to preach. Paul Cain began to minister publicly around age 18, making him the youngest of the ministers in a religious movement that is now known as the Voice of Healing Revival of the late 1940s and early 1950s. Cain’s ministry at this time used a very large tent, like most other ministers’ of the time (such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and Jack Coe). His meetings were often punctuated by calling out several people from the audience and giving very detailed information about their lives. Chuck Smith founder of Calvary Chapel was Cain’s campaign manager and was influenced by his unique prophetic and healing ministry. Cain’s abilities took him around the world and brought him a measure of notoriety and financial success. Cain, however, eventually became disgusted with what he saw as the corruption of a once-pure movement into a circus of hype and greed. In the late 1950s, he claimed that he was “challenged by the Lord” concerning such excesses of various leaders in that movement, and suddenly disappeared from public view. Beginning in 1987 he was associated with the Kansas City Prophets, and shortly afterwards with the ministry of John Wimber

By the time Cain resurfaced the landscape had dramatically changed. Most of the other healing revivalists had disappeared from the scene. Some older ministers such as William Branham (who Paul Cain referred to as the “greatest prophet who ever lived in this century”) and A.A. Allen had died or had moved into retirement like Oral Roberts. He began to travel around the world, proclaiming the gospel and calling the church back to purity and holiness. He ministered to many national and international leaders (During the Clinton administration Paul Cain went to Iraq to meet with Saddam Hussein) – both political leaders (including presidents and senators) and spiritual leaders including key church and denominational leaders.

In 2005, Cain stepped down from ministry. In “A Letter of Confession” posted on his website and excerpted in Charisma Magazine, Cain admitted, “I have struggled in two particular areas, homosexuality and alcoholism, for an extended period of time,” both considered serious sin by Christian Scripture as interpreted by the vast majority of Christian communions and denominations. In April 2007, he re-emerged into the public eye and resumed speaking at meetings throughout the U.S and abroad, though his rehabilitation was questioned by the three ministers (Rick Joyner, Jack Deere, and Mike Bickle) who had long-held, close ministerial relationships with Cain and had publicly disciplined him three years earlier, stating that they lacked confidence in his rehabilitation and do not consider him restored. The initial rehabilitation team made an open declaration in October 2004: After the initial restoration team admitted that they had “failed,” they expressed the hope that another team would be able to help Paul Cain through a restoration process. In the wake of this, David Andrade of RTV International ministries formed a new team. This began in 2005; by September 2007 Andrade was able to claim:

“After careful evaluation and in consideration pertaining to his continual progress in all areas of spiritual and personal life; the administrating staff and Board of Life Recovery Centers of America with the Board of RTV International Ministries and the restoration team, unanimously affirm that there is no further need to continue the restoration process; And furthermore, release Paul W. Cain from restrictive oversight and restricted ministry. Paul William Cain is hereby free to pursue ministry and released to make personal decisions.”


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