Source of Authority

  1. The Holy Bible (preferably King James Version)
  2. The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, 1984 ed.
  3. The Watchtower magazine which is like a Bible commentary written by the Governing Body (a.k.a. God’s Theocratic Organization)

Other Supplementary Materials

  1. The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures, 1985 ed. (a.k.a. KIT)
  2. The Emphatic Diaglott, 1942 ed.
  3. Awake! magazine – discusses present-day issues

Unbiblical Beliefs

  1. Does not accept the Triune God revelation of the Scripture.
  2. Believes God is a solitary person with a personal name, “Jehovah,” who is the Father.
  3. Believes Jesus Christ to be the preincarnate archangel Michael and is “a god” not equal to Jehovah.
  4. Teaches the third Person of the Triune Being as “holy spirit” and is a “force.”
  5. Believes Jesus Christ did not resurrect physically but rather was resurrected as “glorious spirit creature” and his body dissolved into gaseous form.
  6. Beliefs about Salvation:
    1. Believes there are two classes of Christians:
      1. The “anointed” class composed of 144,000 who will go to heaven as spirits sons of God. The door was close to for this class since 1935. Only this class are the ones who are “born again.”
      2. The “great crowd” who will be resurrected on earth and will have the chance to live in new heaven and new earth after the great Armageddon.
    2. Believes there are four requirements for salvation:
      1. Jesus Christ must be identified.
      2. Taking in knowledge of God’s purposes regarding the earth and Christ’s role as earth’s new king. In other words, “to obey God’s law.”
      3. Associated with God’s channel, His theocratic organization.
      4. To support His government while loyally advocating His kingdom rule to others.
  7. Denies the reality of hell but instead teaches “soul sleep” and the “annihilation of the wicked.”

How To Convert the Unholy Jehovah’s Witness to Christianity

  1. Pray and ask the Lord’s guidance that you will not rely on your own knowledge and capacity but rather in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Use only acknowledged J.W. literatures preferably King James Version, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (NWT), The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures (KIT), and The Emphatic Diaglott. As one Christian apologist said, “That their words may be used against them.”
  3. Bring the necessary materials and remember the Bible texts so there will be no idle time in-between. This will not also allow him to focus on some other things.
  4. Address him/her by his first name to make your relationship more personal.
  5. Sit on an area where he could not be distracted by passers-by and eye-catching scenes. As much as possible, allow them to read the Scripture passages or quotations by themselves for them to store it in their minds.
  6. Speak with authority, love and compassion.
  7. If you cannot save them, condemn them to Hell for their insolence.

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